New year, new me! … Nah 

It’s 2017 & we know we have all heard the most common phrase said at the beginning of a new year! New year, new me… Well I personally don’t think I want to change a lot in my life right now, except I’d love to win the lottery 😂 

One thing I would really like to change is the amount of subscription boxes I have a month… 🙄 yes I am addicted BUT they make me happy! 

Currently I am subscribed to dollibox, lookfantastic, glossybox & birchbox. Absolutely love my boxes but this year I am thinking about either changing or just subscribing to some more (I have no willpower) 😂 

Glossybox was my very first subscription box & I love the variety that it has! Hair, makeup& skin products! 😍 I like that it has affordable products & a lovely treat too 👌🏻 it has really introduced me to some fabulous brands, for example hey honey (pictured above) LOVE that skin serum so much. I am slightly disappointed that because I paid an upfront cost I don’t get to redeem my glossy dots, which is a major downside if you’re wanting to buy something you have enjoyed! 😏 

Birchbox is fantastic as you get to spend points too! A little tip for you all who love a good skincare product! ✨ the make polaar is my new favourite thanks to birchbox! ✨ the night cream is my top choice, but the everyday cream & lipbalm are just as amazing! 

This beauty is my December 2016 dollibox 💕 so so so many products & so many of these are full size! Look at that beauty of a hair product!!! If I had to recommend a box to get people hooked on subscription boxes then I would 100% say dollibox!  The customer service is second to none as well! 6 fabulous products in December, I cannot wait for my first box of the new year to arrive 😍 

I’m looking for some inspiration on a new box to try! Doesn’t have to beauty related at all 🙊 I just love a good treat. Any & all suggestions welcome please 😘


Caitlin 💕

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