My first box to arrive this month was lookfantastic ✨  this month had a fantastic selection of products! And a few of them were even cruelty free too! 😍 what a bonus! 

The prettiest box! So colourful! 💕  & 6 products!!!

  • Jelly pong pong mascara is a great product! It recommends to use eyelash curler & 2 coats of mascara & I have to agree! No more is needed at all. Only downside I have found is that it does seem to flake over your hands whilst applying & you’re left with lots of black dots, so be weary when applying 👌🏻
  • Briogeo hair mask is AMAZING! Leaves my hair feeling beautifully soft! I have used it a few times before so very grateful to receive this again! ✨ a little tip, wash hair with shampoo 2x, apply mask on hair in the bath & leave for 5-10 mins. Rinse off & condition as well! 
  • Nuxe anti-age skincare is fabulous! Texture is perfect & it always has a lovely scent! I’ve already used this up as I love this brand! 
  • Pixi beauty brow tamer product! Completely new to this brand & I love receiving new brands! So Thankyou lookfantastic, giving them a follow on Instagram that’s for sure! Amazing sample size too 😍
  • Trifle cosmetics is another newbie to me! The most beautiful packaging I have seen in a long time too! That glow 👌🏻 I think I may have a new favourite!! Application is lovely & literally gives you a naturally beautiful glow! ✨ apply along cheek bone, trust me! 
  • The vintage cosmetics company B E A UTIFUL. No other words for this product! Packaging is fantastic & I love slanted tweezers! Always good to look after a product like this as it is one of worst for harbouring germs! 

This beauty subscription box never fails to make me happy at the beginning of each month! If you’re wondering whether to subscribe then in my opinion… DO IT DO IT DO IT! 


Caitlin 💕


    1. Hi! I LOVE this box! Always comes at the beginning of the month too! I’ve been getting this for a year now. 100% would recommend! I’ll be reviewing my other boxes this week, so keep an eye out ☺☺ xxx

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    1. Sorry for the late reply! I love it! Honestly one of my favourite hair product brands 😍😍 I have glossybox, dollibox & birchbox too! Although glossy I am giving up on xx


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