So my last review was of my lookfantastic beauty box, which I absolutely loved this month! The next box to land in my porch was my birchbox! 😍 such a beauty, the colours were fabulous to knock the January blues.

This box was jam packed! Amazing brands & a very generous voucher was inside! They really thought about everything 👌🏻 teamed up with hello fresh to help subscribers kick start the year in a happy & healthy way 🍋  I will definitely be using my voucher! 😛

  • Lord & berry literally is my top brand that I have found through receiving my birchbox! This concealer really does do the job! Only needing a small amount & lasting for hours, I would highly recommend this to anybody! 💥 I use this product to cover my dark circles under my eyes. 
  • Merci handy hand cream, there are no words, just fabulous inside & outside! That packaging 😍 It has the perfect texture & after even just one use my hands felt silky soft. In my box I received cherie cherry & the scent was to die for! Definitely a fantastic brand for skincare! 
  • Kebelo shampoo is beautifully presented. This shampoo smelt lovely, but I wasn’t too keen on this product. It was very rich & I ended up having to wash my hair again within 24 hours 🙈  I think this may be more suitable for people with thicker hair! ✨  I have used other products by kebelo, & those were much more suited to me!
  • REN Skincare is a fantastic brand! Every product I have received of theirs I have loved.  This time I received a radiance renewal mask. I love skincare products in the winter months! Nobody likes dry skin! I used this as I soaked in the bath 👌🏻 best used if you leave on for around 10-12 minutes ✨ tip; wipe away very lightly so you don’t scrub it off & it leaves your skin so amazingly soft! 
  • Nails inc always produce great nail polishes! I wasn’t too fussed by this product as I always have my nails done with Nexgen, but I will use it on my toes! 💅🏽

This month I also used my birchbox points! I always write reviews for my birchbox products every month & I have saved my points! So this month I decided to spend them 💸  ordered myself my favourite matte lip pencil by Lord & berry, plus a fantastic new makeup brush by spectrum. They make the prettiest of brushes 💕✨

So that’s enough of that beauty box, NEXT! 

Along came Glossybox 💖 this was my last glossybox, as I have decided I want to try a new box! Every box is always jam packed, with something to suit everyone ! So don’t let me put you off 🙈☺️ any suggestions also welcome 😘

  • Nip+fab kale fix moisturiser 😍 this really does soothe your skin! The help of aloe Vera really does help you to notice the hydration. Smells fantastic too, which is always a bonus! Definitely good enough to eat!  
  • Unani illuminate milk cleanser. Full size product oh glossy you’re too kind! First time I used this I thought it was like any other regular cleanser, but after a few uses (morning & night) you can really notice the difference in your skin. Much brighter & you haven’t got to use huge amounts either to get the benefits 💁🏻 
  • The balm matte single eyeshadow is amazing! Only used this once so far & I think it’s lovely! I was given the shade Matt Kumar which really does suit my colouring. It’s long lasting too & doesn’t crumble down your face as you apply it! 😍😍 that is a bonus
  • True organic, all you need is me! I have been applying this like there is no tomorrow to my knees & elbows! It really is true that this product can be used all over. I’m yet to try this on my hair 💆🏻 but seeing as I have pretty much fallen in love with this I am sure it will work wonders as a hair mask too ✨ tip; you only need a small amount at a time! Watch this last you a while. 
  • Vitamasques manuka honey face mask I am yet to use this as I’ve already got lots of face masks half started 🙈yes I did say I was addicted to beauty boxes… 🙄 I have used other face masks by this brand & they worked wonders on my dry skin, especially when I was on holiday enjoying a little bit too much sunshine! 

Glossybox really did spoil us this month & it was a fantastic way to start the new year! 

Hope you enjoyed these reviews 🙊 I promise I only have one more review left this month 🙄 

Caitlin x💕

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