TinyTea, teatox ☕️ 

I thought I would write an honest review on my 28 day tiny tea teatox ☕️  I’m pretty sure most people would tell you ‘it tastes nice’ & I wouldn’t quite use that wording. It’s drinkable for sure 😜 

The packaging is absolutely beautiful! 💖 as soon as you open the box the tea aroma comes out in full force! Was a little bit sceptical to start with.. Made my first cup on a Tuesday morning, left it in the hot water for 5 minutes & drank it as I got myself ready for work. I always have overnight oats for breakfast so I took these to work with me… You’re supposed to drink the tea 30 minutes before each meal (aids digestion) so this works perfectly for me in the mornings as its a 20/25 minute drive to work. My first cup I have to say wasn’t too enjoyable. Yes I did almost quit before I had even began 🙄🙈  but perseverance & thinking about the goal you’re aiming towards helps you carry on with those last few mouthfuls.

I then actually really got into drinking this tea before every meal. On my days off it was the easiest as I could easily plan when I was going to eat each meal so I could time it perfectly! If I was absolutely starving I would just put a little cold water in it so that I could drink it faster. Don’t think this would make any difference as it had already brewed in the boiling water 😀 

If I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry I would have the tea before I had a smoothie ✨👌🏻 I found that this worked quite well at a lunch time if I was at home as I could keep busy so I wasn’t always thinking of food.. I’m always thinking of food 😩🙈  so below is what I was having for breakfast and lunch if I was at work. Tiny tea, apple juice, overnight oats, fruit, yoghurt and salad. It did honestly help me with not bloating, which I have always suffered with. I have also cut out bread which I think also helped 💁🏽 apart from the odd bit now & again.

Just to clear up with everyone this is not a ‘diet’ – in no way are you going to wake up & have dropped a stone from drinking this. It a good way to detox 💁🏽 sorry to be crude but, you’re also not going to spend your day on the loo (phew). A detox is a good way to start a fresh with your eating/drinking habits, a good way to start a change of lifestyle.

I would 100% recommend this teatox & I am going to carry on drinking the tea’s from YourTea. They have a huge variety of different tea’s; her tea, hangover tea, sleep tea etc etc. Give it a go 😋☕️

Caitlin xo 💖


  1. I really need to give something like this a go as I also suffer from bloating and cramps after lunch when I’m sat at my desk! TinyTea sounds perfect, but I just love my Yorkshire Tea too much!!


    Soph xx


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