Roccabox JUNE 2017; my first box πŸ’Ž

This box is absolutely beautiful. I first heard about it when I saw an account that I follow on Instagram post a picture of that beautiful packaging. Completely lured me in. This is a subscription box that you can unsubscribe to at any point too, so if you are super skint one month, then you don’t need to worry. You can just restart it when you like πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ I also loooove the little logo for this box πŸ’Ž 

The olverum bath oil is so luxurious. Using this really helped me to relax & feel at ease. Smells absolutely amazing too, completely filled the bathroom with its scent. My skin felt so soft after using this too. Another added bonus is it didn’t leave the bath looking greasy. Really enjoyed this product, for a full size bottle of this it is Β£27. I imagine that would last a fair while as the sample I received I used it for 3 baths πŸ›€πŸ½ even my boyfriend said it smelt amazing πŸ’πŸ½

The svelte super tea, ohh my. I love a good tea β˜•οΈ I have recently done a review on tiny tea (if you haven’t read it then please do, so good) but this tea was just as good. I obviously only received one tea bag, so cannot tell you if they make a difference but if you’re looking to try out a new brand of these nourishing teas then this is worth giving a try. They never taste as bad as people imagine they do too! I’ll definitely be buying some of these.

Bellapierre is becoming another favourite brand of mine. I already have a beauty of a highlighter which is so me. Now I have a kiss proof πŸ’‹ lip creme. I love a matte lip & they even sent me MY colour. So pleased. I’ve used this a few times already, I cannot believe I received a full size of this which is worth Β£20 πŸ’„

Eyelash curlers by the vintage cosmetics company, yessss. I really love their packaging. I already own a few of their products & love them, including tweezers. So it’s safe to say I was happy when I saw these. These included a few spare cushions (not sure if that’s the correct term but it’s what I’m using) amazing value for money for these eyelash curlers. 

A hang bag sized oil roll on by bloomtown botanicals. Smells absolutely gorgeous & summery. The scent does last for quite a while but you do have to use a fair amount. Rather than a spritz of perfume onto one wrist you do need to roll it on to both wrists to get the scent to really come out.  I think this is a really clever idea rather than carrying around perfume for the day. Looking forward to using this throughout the summer 🌸

Is anybody else subscribed to this box?

Caitlin xoπŸ’–


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