Skincare routine, for baby soft skin ✨

If there is one thing that I would like people to take from this post it’s that you always double cleanse. Please! 

So anyway… I like to think that I’ve got pretty good skin, I mean we all have the occasional outbreak but other than that I like the skin I have. I honestly believe you have to look after it though. This doesn’t just mean your face though, top to bottom πŸ‘ (ooo peachy 😜). Please always drink plenty of water too (this doesn’t just mean plain tap water) tea, green tea, squash etc. Just keep hydrated as this will always be the first step. 

1. Cleanse 

I always double cleanse, you must get rid of any dirt/make up etc off your face before you do anything else, so doing this twice will really remove anything. Think of it like when you are at the hairdressers and they do a double shampoo. Try it, trust me. There are so many different cleansing products nowadays & you don’t have to stick to just one πŸ’πŸ½ I use; face wipes, micellar water, cleansing lotions, cleansing foams, cleansing oils. By all means if you find your favourite stick to it, but I personally love to try different things. Below are a few of my favs.

2. Exfoliate 
This isn’t something you HAVE to do every day, a few times a week is enough. But it’s very important. Exfoliating helps to rid the skin of clogged pores, oily skin & this is what leads to acne… Boo! I have a few products that do multiple things, so you may find some facial cleansing pads also help exfoliate πŸ’« 

3. Tone

This seems to be the part that a lot of people skip, but it’s sooo good. It does a variety of things for our skin, including; preventing ingrown hairs, moisturising, refreshing the skin, adds protection, shrinks pores. See told you it’s worth it πŸ™Š 

4. Moisturise/Night cream 

This is my favourite part 😍 depending on whether its morning or evening you will need a moisturiser or a night cream πŸ’πŸ½ I absolutely love night creams, that’s my favourite time to look after my skin. You might be wondering what the difference is, I did, basically a day cream/moisturiser may have spf protection or a tint to them & night creams don’t πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ I do find that night creams are a little bit thicker too though. 

On a weekly basis I also treat myself to a face mask, love to use these in the bath. I used to always use the ones that you can peel off. I have now fallen in love with mud masks though…  

What are your favourite skincare products? 

Caitlin xoπŸ’–


  1. I recently found Garnier SkinActive Natural Rose Water Tone and I am loving it!! I am new to the skin care regime and have only been doing it since I got engaged 18 months ago but I love it now!! No turning back for me!! Would highly recommend it to anyone! This is a great post for people looking into it well done!! Xx

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