Dollibox; July 2017 πŸ’«πŸ’•

This month my dollibox kept me waiting, I’m so impatient when I know it’s a new month haha πŸ˜‚ BUT as always it didn’t disappoint. Another fabulous 6 products arrived on my doorstep this month. When I opened this box I literally just saw so many cute products. 

I was so pleased to see more from the amazing brand; seacret. This time it was a pack of Dead Sea bath salts. I love baths so this was ideal for me. I halved the pack so I had 2 baths out of this packet. My skin was so soft when I had finished. They were perfect, as I know sometimes your bath can feel gritty, but not with these. I’d 100% recommend these. 

This was my first silicone sponge makeup applicator, so I was really excited to receive this. It went so well with the cats wink bb cream (they’re both also really cute) 🐱 I enjoyed using the sponge to apply my makeup as it glides over the skin perfectly. I still used a beauty blender though so I could get into all the creases of my skin, I sound like I’ve got wrinkles but I’m sure you all know what I mean. Haha! I’ll definitely be using this more. The bb cream has the most beautiful scent to it as well. Purrrrfect😜

Now this body oil… Oh my! They do lots of different types, I received the naked oil. Yes you read that right… πŸ™ˆ don’t worry guys, I won’t be telling you any weird stories. But I did use it on the other half as he has very tight muscles from playing football. So what better way to try it. This smelt so luxurious. It was the perfect consistency, as I HATE runny oils. Really impressed with this! 

Thank goodness, finally a decent liquid eyeliner pen. Hallelujah. I really struggle to find a good one as usually the tips are waaay too thin for my liking & too scratchy. Personally I like a bit of a thicker line. So I was super happy with this. Only Β£5 too, what a bargain. 

I have literally just used my bioaqua face mask. These never disappoint. Thes are cotton face masks soaked with goodness. This particular mask had a seaweed extract which helps with moisture retention. It also has hyaluronic acid which reduces the appearance of blemishes πŸ™ŒπŸ½ heaven in a mask. I personally use one in the bath & leave it on whilst I’m conditioning my hair (roughly 5/6 minutes) as my skin isn’t too dry. 

Has anybody else ever tried dollibox, if you haven’t you should. For the August box it’s only Β£6.99 including postage. Use code: PINKFLAMINGO

Caitlin xoπŸ’–


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