Roccabox πŸ’Ž July 2017

This is fastly becoming one of my favourite times of the month, seeing this on my doorstep. Wooohooo! Roccabox is absolutely beautiful, the packaging is so blogger friendly, just look at it πŸ’– this month there were 6 fabulous products. Some were new brands, some I have seen before & love, I’d like to add. 

Let’s start with the soap & glory dry shampoo, wow! I love this brand so I was really excited to try this. I have literally tried it just now (before I started writing this review) it smells sooo good. There is nothing better than having great smelling hair. I didn’t need to use a lot, & unlike some other dry shampoos I have tried it didn’t just sit in my hair & look visible. Really loved this.  

The burts bees cleansing oil is absolutely amazing. I had never thought of oil being a good cleanser until now. If you haven’t tried it you should. The only thing I found is that you have to use a fair amount, so be careful if you already have oily skin βœ¨πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ if you loved this you can get 20% off until 31st August using the code BBOFF20 – how good is that?!

I had never heard of Ellis faas until now. Had you? The full size concealer that I received is amazing its worth Β£22! A sleek silver packaging makes it clean & beautiful. It has the perfect consistency & application is so easy. I use this on my dark circles & I am so impressed. It looks like I slept amazingly πŸ™„ It is a little pricey so I wouldn’t purchase again, but only because of the price not the quality of the product. 

The balance me congested skin serum is lovely as always. Unlike some of their products it is a little thicker, which I love. It helps to rid your skin of spots & blemishes. I loved this as I have quite oily skin at times & it honestly took away the shine to my skin so I was grease free πŸ’πŸ½  they’re offering customers 15% off until 31/8 so just use the code ROCCAJULY. 

I really enjoyed using my evolve beauty mask. It literally smelt just like chocolate. It had a texture that was more like a scrub, so I did work it into my skin a bit as well. I left this on for 5-10 minutes & it came off easily with warm water. I felt like my face as a lot brighter after using this. Plus it smelt good enough to eat. Another brand that is offering a discounted price, get it before 31st July & use code rox17 for 15% off. 

Last but not least the little tub of goodness from the magic organic apothecary. Perfect for anybody 😍 this is beaut & smells bloody amazing. What I love most about this is that it is made up of natural ingredients. I had never tried a moisture balm before but this has really made me eager to try more. 

What did everyone else think of this months box? 

Caitlin xoπŸ’•

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