Rimmel voxbox: influenster πŸ’„

Wow, so happy to receive my first voxbox 😍 as soon as I saw the email, I got a little bit excited. I got sent a box of goodies completely complimentary to try. Thankyou again influenster 😘 It’s safe to say I definitely got stuck in straight away.

So I received three beautiful Rimmel products to test for you lovelies. Firstly I tried the mascara ‘wonderfully real‘ as that is an everyday makeup for me. The brush is perfect for me, I love a brush which is more for volume. I feel like it worked better on my bottom lashes as it didn’t really build up much on my top lashes. The only problem is I found it kept coming off & leaving little black smudges on my under eye area… I feel like it might suit others better, maybe my lashes on the bottom are too long? I don’t dislike this mascara, but I don’t think I would purchase it.. Sorry Rimmel πŸ™ˆ

The winged liner.. ‘WonderWing‘ Now this I loved. It has the perfect sized nib, so it glides over your lids with ease. I enjoyed using this, I don’t usually wing my liner so I’m not amazing at it, but I have to say I didn’t struggle too much. I will definitely enjoy using the eyeliner. It might even sway me to wing my liner more often. 

Now this palette is beautiful. ‘Magnif’eyes‘ I LOVE it. It has lovely shades to choose from & so many of them compliment each other. I used my spectrum brushes to apply these shadows. The lighter colours I had to try to build up a bit more, but the other colours are amazingly pigmented & you don’t have to use a lot at all. I would definitely purchase this again, I love a nude palette. Spot on Rimmel πŸ™ŒπŸ½ 

I love Rimmel makeup, what’s one of your ‘go to’ brands?! 

Caitlin xoπŸ’– 


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