Lifestyle change; progress💪🏽🍑

If you are easily scared by pictures of ‘wobbly’ bodies in bikinis then please stop reading now.. You have been warned. So as you might all remember I posted a blog about how I had recently made a huge lifestyle change to help my confidence. I hope everyone enjoyed it by the way ☺️ well this is a few months on.

I worked out that not only was I not eating the right things (I’m sure most people do this or have done this) I also wasn’t eating enough. Don’t be afraid to have a snack, but just make sure it’s the right kind of snack. Some of the food I am eating now is below 👇🏽 a few good places to get some great nutrition & supplements from are; bodyfit (use code caitlin10 for a discount) cute nutrition & women’s best 💪🏽

So before I was eating takeaways, cakes, biscuits etc, alongside some fruit & veg. I was also going to the gym 1-2 times a week doing mainly cardio workouts.. As you can see this wasn’t getting me anywhere! I honestly needed to sort myself out. I found my confidence got less & less. I felt awful about myself 🙈 some days to the point I would actually cry. It’s so bloody awful. January was literally the worst my body has ever looked 😓

It’s no excuse but it doesn’t help that I suffer with fibromyalgia, if you don’t know what this is or haven’t heard of it, it is a long term medical condition that causes the most awful chronic pain. To name just a few symptoms; muscle stiffness, fatigue, increased sensitivity to pain. Like I say I’m not excusing myself, but I need to learn when to carry on & when to stop. It’s a condition which has made me have to cut down hours at work. I wouldn’t be able to do 40 hours a week, let alone 40 hours & then go to the gym. BUT I am learning how far I can push myself. 

This is now a few months on, eating a lot better, working out 4-5 times a week & doing more weights. I don’t have the best strength yet, but I’m improving each day. Plus for now I am happy with lighter weights, I need to keep in the right frame of mind so I don’t scare myself away from doing this. Plus my new found love at a gym is the cables… So many things you can do.

Just remember we all get bloated, we all fall off the wagon a little. But we’re all human. If I can do this so can you ☺️

Would anyone like to know what workouts I do?

Caitlin xo💪🏽😘


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