Blogmas; day 1 🎁🛍

For the first day of blogmas I thought I’d share with you how many people & who I have to buy for. I say have to, you know what I mean..

Family; I have my mum & brother. I find my mum and brother are the hardest to buy for everrr. They literally never ask for anything in particular & they never want anything. I don’t even think they have used what I got them last year… 🙈

Boyfriend & his family; I literally have Sam’s present sorted already, his birthday is today, yaaaay happy birthday babe. So I have to plan in advance as they’re quite close together. I can’t tell you what I’ve gotten him, but I’m itching to tell him 🙈 there is then his mum, dad & sister that I will buy for. I’m sure he will be buying for his nan & grandad too.

Friends; so usually I buy for Colleen, Hannah & then between Colleen, myself, Steph, Jade & Meg we do a secret santa! I love doing this. We tend to go for up to £15 & make it something fun. The past two years I have had Meg, so fingers crossed this year it gets switched up 🎅🏽

Little ones; I have 4 little ones to buy for this year! My two nephews, which I have almost got sorted already. Paw patrol is amazing! 😂 then my friends two little girls. Reillys present is already sorted & I think I’m more excited for this than anyone.

Pets; of course they get presents too, why not? They’re important to me. Plus my dog loves to open them hahah 🐶  how can you resist when they’re that cute?!

That’s everyone. To me that’s quite a fair few to buy for & it can get pricey. I have learnt now to get little bits as I go along. Even if it means I bought them six months before Christmas! I did do this this year by the way… 😂

How many people do you buy for?

Caitlin xo 🎅🏽


  1. Wow! You sure do have quite a bit of people to shop for! Luckily, I only have to shop for my mom, my boyfriend, and my dog! But to be honest it still gets pretty pricey! 😂

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