Blogmas; day 6, guest blogger πŸ™ˆβ˜ƒ

Hey lovelies! A little treat for you today from Shannen! She has a fabulous blog so go check it out… But here is her guest Blogmas post πŸŽ…πŸ½πŸŽ„ thanks for getting involved ☺️

The Five English Traditions that I Miss the Most
Hi everyone,
I’m Shannen from and I’m so excited to be filling a guest spot for Caitlin today!
A bit of background on me… I’m 24 years old and grew up in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. In 2016 I moved to Georgia, USA to join my husband who is in the US Air Force. We have a one year old son and a dog and cat – they all keep me super busy so I don’t get as much time to dedicate to my blog as I’d like but I’m really trying to commit to Blogmas this year (even though I was late to start lol). 
Anyway, here’s my list of Five Traditions that I miss most about Christmas in England: 
Tins of Chocolate 

America doesn’t do Quality Street or Roses and they’re missing out big time! It’s that little bit harder to get in to the Christmas Spirit when I can’t eat my weight in delicious chocolates. American Christmas candy is good but is not a patch on the English sweets. 
Cold Weather
It’s not really a tradition, but I live in South Georgia (almost in Florida) and it is hot year round. I don’t mind it in the summer but I miss getting wrapped up warm and having a Mulled Wine in the cold December air. Also, ugly Christmas Jumpers aren’t as fun when it’s 25 degrees!
Don’t get me wrong, they give it a good go but the adverts here don’t come close to the John Lewis adverts, or my personal fave this year – M&S’ paddington one! The US has redeemed itself with a good Coca Cola advert though!

If it weren’t for my advent calendar, I wouldn’t even know we’re in the rundown to Christmas because I can’t spend my evenings watching people butcher songs on X Factor or eating testicles on I’m a Celeb! 
Again, not really a tradition but I miss spending Christmas with my family. This is the second year I’ve been in America for Christmas and I miss the hustle and bustle of all my family being in one house, arguing over the TV volume and trying to get my nana drunk so she’ll sing Christmas Carols. 
I love Christmas in America but it will never come close to how us English do it! 
What are your favourite Traditions?


  1. This is such a lovey post! I am the same with you it really doesn’t feel like Christmas is coming when you can’t have your box of Quality Streets and the cold weather just adds to the Christmasy feeling to me. 😊xx

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