Blogmas; day 7 ❄️💄

I’ve been on holiday sunning myself so I haven’t been able to show you my look fantastic beauty advent calendar products… so here’s a load that I have opened in one go 😍 

The calendar itself is beautiful right?! So pretty & Christmassy… Even the packaging of each product is lovely! 

Here are the first 7 products of the calendar. The Illamasqua marble lipstick is absolutely beautiful. Spot on shade for winter, I love red lipstick so this made me happy💄 

The grow gorgeous scalp detoxifier is uh-mayzing… I’ve used this between washes to help get rid of excess shampoo. It feels so nice when it makes your scalp feel cool 💆🏽 & it smells really nice! 

I have used the first aid beauty hand cream before & I couldn’t fault it. I’m not too keen on the tanning product, but I’ll give it a go before the Christmas party haha 💁🏽😜 a lovely liquid eyeliner & primer too… So far the calendar has impressed me.

The balance me micellar water was lovely.. I used this on my holiday as it was the perfect travel size & it lasted me the week.. This had a gorgeous scent to it as well. Might have to purchase this! 

So far I’m a happy girl… This makes the countdown to Christmas a little bit more exciting 😍 is anybody else loving this calendar as much as me?

Caitlin xo 💄🎁 


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