Blogmas; day 10 ❄️✨

Oh my lordy lord. I have wanted one of these for years & I finally ordered one this year. I’m soooo excited. It arrived sooo early, which was such a tease… I almost managed to resist, but I did have a sneaky peek 🙈🙄

I have only ever heard good things about this calendar. I literally chose this one because I think it’s the most appealing. I buy so much stuff from lookfantastic when it comes to beauty so I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it. Plus they sent me a discount code in my October subscription box. So if you could resist that you’d have to be a bloody Saint.  

I’m hoping I’ll get some really nice skincare products in this… Maybe some caudalie  things 😍 

I wish I could order all of these kinds of calendars 🤔 if I win the lottery then maybe I could?! I need to think up some plans here 😂

Have you ever tried this advent calendar?! Or do you have a different beauty calendar? 

I do also have a yummy chocolate calendar at my other halves too though… Can’t beat a chocolate calendar can you?! 

Caitlin xo ☃


  1. If that calendar is that gorgeous on the outside, then I can’t even imagine what the products on the inside are going to be like!!😍 I’ve gone very boring this year, just a chocolate calendar for me! I had the makeup revolution one last year and I loved it!!

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