Blogmas day 21; Present haul matalan 🎁🛍

Ohhh my matalan have really upped their game this year. I want to share with you EVERYTHING I bought from matalan but I’m sure some people may actually be reading this.. 

I think I saw on facebook how good their Christmas range was. Along with Tesco too, but anyway we’re talking about matalan. I had a £5 voucher from my birthday too so thought what better way to use it than on other people… because sometimes I can be nice 😂💁🏽 

I ordered 3 for 2 on the gift wrapping etc. So I got a fair few rolls, with tags! They have the cutest little reindeer tags. I think people will think ‘they’re very caitlin’ when they see how pretty the paper is. I also got some cards too. This year me & Sam are doing the whole ‘couple’ thing in the cards 🙈 we’re cute I know 😂😂 

I bought the little people in my life some cute things! I’m sure Reilly (best friends little girl) will looove her my little pony present! I feel like it’s gonna be like buckaroo.. so fingers crossed she will love it. She enjoys playing pop up pirate so I think it’s definitely up her street. I got my youngest nephew a cute paw patrol top! Not sure if I picked it because I love paw patrol or him 🙄🐶 

Honestly you need to get yourself to matalan, of if you have finished make sure you look next year! I think I spent £50 & I got at least 7 presents, plus wrapping paper & cards. Including some wine glasses for my friend who is known for smashing wine glasses 😂🍷 

Caitlin xo 🎁


  1. That reindeer paper is adorable. I love the colours and everything about it! I’ve not thought about visiting Matalan to see their wrapping range, I must remember to go next year, or even once the sales have started.
    Carly x

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