Lifestyle; thinking of booking your smear test? πŸ“†πŸ“žπŸŽ—

This post will be a little too much for some people so I apologise now! πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ

I recently had my first ever smear test last year & I too was absolutely crapping myself to go. To all of those out there who are nervous, please don’t be. Between the ages of 25-49 you need to have a test every 3 years… 3 years is a very long gap! 50-64 is every 5 years… So ladies it’s not like you need to have them often. Like I say, I completely understand. But it’s so necessary to have it.

A lot of younger ladies are probably thinking, what if I forget to shave my legs? I need to bath/shower first etc… It’s okay to think that. I did!!

So if you didn’t already know I work as a GP receptionist… I promise you, the receptionist isn’t judging you, the nurse isn’t judging you & we talk to people like you & see people like you all the time! Sometimes the nurses even do back to back smears where I work. It’s normal. Trust me! ☺️  

A few little tips for you if you are nervous! *in no way am I saying these work for everybody or that this is what you think etc, just friendly advice

1. You must try to book mid cycle.. & if you do start your period when your smear test is booked then just give them a call & try to book for a week & a half later’ish πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

2. Book for a good time for you. I had mine first thing in the morning as then I didn’t have ages to worry about it for so long ☺️ if you want you can book for after work so you can have a shower first etc, whatever makes it better for you! 

3. Don’t be embarrassed. I know that’s easier said than done. But like I’ve said before, the nurses are always lovely & they do this day in, day out. So don’t worry! 

4. Talk to the nurse about her day or something so it takes your mind off it a little bit & make sure you’re comfy before she does the test πŸ’πŸ½ if the speculum she is using doesn’t feel right, see if there is a smaller one! Don’t be scared to ask.

5. It takes about a minute & of course it’s not going to be the most enjoyable thing.. But it’s a very necessary thing to do! Remember why you’re having it done! 

I hope this helps. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! I’m happy to help 

Caitlin xo πŸ’ž


  1. This is actually a really reassuring post! I’m not at the age I need them yet (I don’t think at least; I’m only 19) but my mum’s always told me the importance of getting them (and I’ve always been terrified by the prospect) xx


  2. Well done! What a great post. I agree it needs to be done, and it could save your life! I’m an old hand at these now, and believe it or not it gets easier, I also go regularly for my mammograms, I think we’re lucky these tests are available to us. Xx

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  3. Where I live you have to get it when your either 21 or sexually active for 3 years so I just got one! I was so nervous and I thought it would hurt but honestly had no idea when they took the smear! What was a little awkward though was when she asked if a student could come in to learn so I said sure( I didn’t think many people would and they need experience). Turns out it was a guy and there’s my doctor doing her thing and asking this male student to come look and let her know if he can see my cervix… hahaha definitely a story I will always be telling of my first smear test!

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  4. I just got my first one done last week! My GYN doesn’t start til you’re 21 although I know most places want to start once you’ve become sexually active. I’m happy to report all is well with me (don’t have a family history of anything, but it’s always safe to check regularly). This post is great for spreading the word, thanks for sharing

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  5. Fab post. I had my first smear test two months after giving birth to my son, so had already lost all sense of dignity! And you’re right, it’s not the most pleasant thing in the world but it’s not the worst either. Think of the greater good! x

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