Blogging; Meet Em 💞

‘Ohhh this is so cute! I love the idea!’ I think this is a brilliant opening line! Let’s all meet Em! Such a lovely girl ☺️

What made you decide to start blogging? 

I decided to start blogging when I was 16 as a place to vent my emotions but quickly realised I just enjoyed writing and began to do reviews, looks and other posts!

Do you having a blogging niche? Or do you just write about whatever you enjoy? 

I don’t really have a blogging niche! I write about what I like but over all I usually say I’m a lifestyle blogger – I post about fashion, travel, beauty, photography and Mental Health! I just write what comes to me, then I try let it fit into my blog!

Who would you say are your blogging inspirations? 

I have so many! It all started with Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter like many other girls my age, but now I love “blog about a latte”, Safe Haven Anonyous Letters, Vix Meldrew and so many more!!!! Can I just give you my twitter following list?

How long have you been blogging? 

I’ve been blogging on and off since I was 16 but I made Pink Aesthetic on my current WordPress page back in March. It’s not perfect but it’s getting there!

What is your favourite social media platform for sharing your blog?

My favourite platform is definitely Twitter. I used to love Instagram but I find it hard to grow and the engagement isn’t as good as Twitter. Plus Twitter is like one big group chat!

Any tips for new bloggers? 

Write about what you love. The rest will come. I tried to fit in to what other bloggers were doing, tried to keep up with how fast they were getting sponsored posts/paid work and in the end it took the fun from blogging! I was taking collabs with things that didn’t fit with my blog and it made me feel rubbish about promoting my place online. So I gave it up and started afresh after some time away. It’s now just a place for me, if more comes from it then great and if not, that’s okay too. So basically, as my friends say when I’m about to make another *cough* bad drunk decision: you do you babe!

I looove the way you’ve described Twitter as a group chat! That is brilliant! 😍 great tips for newbies, thanks for sharing lovely.


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