Blogmas Day 18; #12daystoglow advent calendar 🙌🏽

I am lucky enough to be a #skinfluencer for dermalogica. This was kindly gifted to me but all thoughts are my own. 

So if you know me (people at work can vouch for this) I have always had good skin, well looked after you know?! But recently I had been breaking out terribly. Someone even told me that’s not like me.. Which is true, it really isn’t like me. 

Dermalogica added me to their skinfluencer programme recently so it’s been getting a lot better. And now thanks to this calendar I can keep myself topped up & keep my skin beautiful! 

So the way it works is we start 12 days before Christmas. So we opened the first door on Thursday 13th. Obviously I am showing you this before the 12 days are up so you can’t see all of the products, sorry! 

I am extremely overwhelmed with the generosity from dermalogica & how amazing the products are. My skin is feeling so much smoother & looking a lot more clearer. 

Do you like dermalogica products?

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