Lifestyle; house update 2019 🏑

The last time I posted about our home was a few months ago now. I think a few things have changed since then, so let me show you ☺️ Mainly it means I have added little decorative bits & we have tidied everywhere. But you can see the difference πŸ’πŸ½ 

Our spare room was literally just being used as a dumping ground & it was beyond messy. We just used to tell people not to look in there when they came round. Now it’s a lot less messy & looks usable. Sam has been busy boarding the loft so pretty much everything went up there! I’m really happy with this room now.

The rest are just little finishing touches I have added! We’ve got photo frames, candles etc it’s just becoming more & more homely 🏑 most of the decorative touches I bought from Matalan. Honestly I could spend £££’s in there. It’s my favourite place at the moment! The living room especially is just made up of some nice new frames & always having flowers in there (courtesy of the mother in law) so it looks fresh & pretty! 

I did treat us to some new pillows & a new duvet cover set for our bedroom too. It’s not just the guests that get a pretty room to sleep in. Plus some more fresh flowers! 

We still don’t have any furniture in the consevatory yet. We both don’t really know what we want in there yet. Well we do, but not the exact things to buy. I did get us one of these knitted footstools though 😍 cannot wait to have that in there! 

What do you think? 


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