Hi all 👋🏽  welcome to my blog. My name is Caitlin, some may know me as crazy lipstick lady, auntie Caitlin or even babe.. 🙄

I’m 25, living in Norfolk, U.K. I currently live at home with the cutest dog EVER, Lilli.. Of course I am biased, but she totally is. I’m sure you will see a lot of her, if you decide to carry on & read my blog. I’m also the luckiest girl to have a fabulous boyfriend, Sam. He’s got the cutest kitten too 😜 totally besotted…

Addicted to makeup & skincare I think is an understatement. I have 2 subscription beauty boxes a month 🙊 oops.. It us to be 4 so that’s pretty good

Anything white/pink well just pastel colours in general will grab my attention, flowers, candles, cushions… Yes I am a typical girls girl!